KDDI to Sell GlobalSign SSL Under New Distribution Agreement

Tokyo – May 30, 2011 — GlobalSign K.K., subsidiary of GMO Cloud and specialist in digital certification services, is pleased to welcome KDDI Corporation as a SSL sales partner, following the signing of a distribution agreement between the two companies. GlobalSign begins supplying SSL products to KDDI as of tomorrow (May 31, 2011).
About the Agreement between KDDI and GlobalSign
GlobalSign offers an extensive line up of digital certificate services in the Internet security market, and the company is focused on strengthening its sales network to further grow market share.
KDDI sought to adopt SSL into their service range to offer their communications, SaaS and Cloud service customers even greater peace of mind in regard to security.
KDDI has chosen to partner with GlobalSign for SSL certificate provisioning and the two companies have signed a sales partnership agreement.
The new agreement expands GlobalSign’s sales channels as the company tomorrow begins supplying SSL certificates to KDDI..

The GlobalSign Certificate Authority has been providing digital authentication services to Belgium since the industry first emerged more than ten years ago. Customers include a number of Belgian government agencies and the GlobalSign Certificate Authority operates many prestigious government projects such as eID*(BELPIC). We are recognized as the Belgian Government Certificate Authority. GlobalSign became a member of the GMO Internet Group in 2006 and is expanding sales of government-level security Japan and worldwide.

*eID:A citizen ID card. This is the first stage of the e-government project in Belgium. The ID card containing a digital certificate is distributed to all Belgian citizens over the age of 12.
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GlobalSign K.K.
Company Name GlobalSign K.K.
Location Shibuya Infoss Tower, 20-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Ichiro Chujo
Business Description – Information security and digital authentication
Capital 356,640,000 yen
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CEO Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description
– Web Infrastructure & E-commerce
– Internet Media
– Internet Securities
Capital 1.27 billion yen
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