GMO Fast Translation Partners with Alibaba Marketing to Provide Online Translation in 30 minutes*1 through International Business Support Service GLOBAL DESK

Tokyo – June 14, 2010 – GMO Hosting & Security subsidiary GMO Fast Translation today announces a new partnership with Alibaba Marketing the company that sells the Alibaba, Inc, service Alibaba World Passport. The partnership will see the online 24-hour, 365-day Fast Translation Service by GMO become available from the Alibaba Marketing GLOBAL DESK*2.

*1:This refers to the period of time between when the translator is confirmed and the translation is completed.
*2:GLOBAL DESK is a comprehensive support service for companies beginning to expand business internationally. From business advice to IT solutions GLOBAL DESK offers a range of discount services including language support, information useful to business, and English conversation lessons.
About the Partnership

In Japan, as the Internet has become an everyday platform for business, more and more companies find themselves looking abroad for business development, product procurement and other activities. At the same time, in the ecommerce market we are seeing major Japanese and Chinese ecommerce websites forming partnerships, shipping companies expanding their services to offer both international and domestic delivery, and global ecommerce infrastructure growing. However many businesses in Japan are concerned about overcoming the language barrier to actively participating in global markets.

Under the new partnership Alibaba Marketing will add Fast Translation by GMO to its GLOBAL DESK lineup of international business support services. (English-Japanese, Japanese-English translation) GLOBAL DESK will provide translation services alongside information on the global market environment and international trends as well as international business and trading consultation services. Making Fast Translation Service by GMO available through Global Desk enables GMO Fast Translation to provide language support to Japanese businesses expanding into the global marketplace.


Alibaba Marketing’s GLOBAL DESK is a convenient support service for companies advancing their businesses internationally. Global market environment, industry trends, success stories, export regulations and other often difficult to obtain information is provided alongside trade and business advice and other services useful for doing business overseas.

Fast Translation Service by GMO
1. Respond to Urgent Inquiries from Abroad

The entire process from application to delivery of finished product takes place online. The finished translation is delivered in as little as 30 minutes for 2,100 yen (inc. tax) and orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Deal quickly with international inquiries received outside business hours. Languages currently available: English, Chinese, Korean

*We cannot guarantee that a translator specializing in your industry will be available 24 hours a day.
*Speed Translation by GMO is only available in English at GLOBAL DESK
2. No minimum fee – deal for short translations

Many translation services set minimum fees or apply a standard rate regardless of the length of translation. Fast Translation Service by GMO offers a flexible fee structure charging by the word in English and by the character in Japanese so our clients are don’t pay excessive fees for short translations.

Alibaba Marketing Inc.

Alibaba Marketing was established in April 2009 to operate Japan Co., Ltd’s “Alibaba World Passport” service. Investors include Japan, SoftBank, and Hikari Tsushin. Alibaba Marketing is a business partner to Japanese SME’s and individuals providing solutions that connect them to the global marketplace.

GMO Fast Translation

GMO Fast Translation, a consolidated subsidiary of GMO Hosting & Security is an online translation service available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our professional translators can provide translations in as fast thirty minutes.

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GMO Internet Group, headquartered in Japan, is a leading force in the Internet industry offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Internet services worldwide. The group holds top domestic market share in domain registration, web hosting, and payment processing and provides a host of other Internet services including global online security services, ecommerce solutions, and Internet advertising to both businesses and individuals. At the centre of the group is GMO Internet, Inc. a company listed on the prestigious first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE: 9449).

GMO Fast Translation Inc.
Company Name GMO Fast Translation, Inc.
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Mitsuru Aoyama
Business Description – Translation service
– Web localization
Capital 30 million yen
GMO Hosting & Security, Inc.
Company Name GMO Hosting & Security Inc.
(TSE Mothers Market: 3788)
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Mitsuru Aoyama
Business Description – Hosting Business
– Security Business
Capital 907.80 million yen (12/2009)
GMO Internet Inc.
Company Name GMO Internet Inc.
(TSE First Section Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description – Web Infrastructure & Ecommerce
– Internet Media
Capital 1.27 billion yen
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