GlobalSign Launches Managed PKI Lite Service

Tokyo – June 1, 2009 – GMO Hosting & Security consolidated subsidiary and digital certificate services company, GlobalSign announces the launch today of Managed PKI Lite, an in-house Certificate Authority hosting service for businesses.


Phishing attacks and information leakage are issues that all companies face, and demand is growing for digital authentication that ensures strong security. We are seeing more and more companies opting for strong security client certificates to protect information and systems. PKI systems allow companies to issue client certificates internally, however until now operating them has required specialized technology and expertise. As a result usage has largely been restricted to major corporations. Small and medium companies have many of the same security needs as larger companies and there is a demand for low priced managed PKI services that don’t require technical expertise to operate.

GlobalSign has launched the low priced, easy to use ASP CA hosting service, PKI Lite, in order to meet this demand.

Client Certificate: A type of digital ID like an SSL certificate. While an SSL certificate verifies the identifying information ion a web server, client certificates verify the identity of the client (computer or individual). Can be used in digital signatures, encryption, and certification.
PKI is (Public Key Infrastructure) A security system that uses the public/private key pair from public key cryptosystem technology
GlobalSign Managed PKI Lite
Certificate Authority designed and operated by GlobalSign

No expertise, equipment or operating resources are required. The certificate authority is operated by GlobalSign, a company with over 10 years experience as a public certificate authority in Europe.

Issue client certificates trusted by a Public Certificate Authority

If client certificates issued by a company’s in-house certificate authority are trusted by a public certificate authority, they can’t be verified and therefore cannot be used for external digital signing. Client certificates issued by Managed PKI Lite are trusted by GlobalSign and support S/MIME*3, Microsoft Office and other digital signing requirements.

No set-up costs, no management costs. Pay only for certificate issue licenses

None of the costs usually associated with setting up a managed account or ASP management fees are incurred. Managed PKI Lite users pay only for licenses to issue certificates.

Available for as Few as 10 Licenses

Existing enterprise managed PKI services offer a minimum of 100 licenses. The new Managed PKI Lite is available for as few as just 10 licenses making it ideal for SMEs.

Free Reissues

Normally a new certificate is issued when a certificate is lost as a result of a crash or other damage. However, the GlobalSign Managed PKI Lite service allows a certificate to be reissued as many times as necessary for the length of its validity.

Integrated with SSL Certificate Account

Customers who have previously installed GlobalSign SSL certificates can use their existing GS panel account to manage SSL certificates and the Managed PKI Service in one place. This is a convenience not offered by our competitors.

S/MIME: Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
Pricelist (Prices tax inclusive)
Certificate Validity 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
No. of Licenses
10 105,000 yen 199,500 yen 289,800 yen
25 236,250 yen 448,875 yen 652,050 yen
50 420,000 yen 798,000 yen 1,159,200 yen
100 735,000 yen 1,396,500 yen 2,028,600 yen
250 1,443,750 yen 2,743,125 yen 3,984,750 yen
500 2,100,000 yen 3,990,000 yen 5,796,800 yen
1,000 2,625,000 yen 4,987,500 yen 7,245,000 yen
Validity of purchased licenses is one year

GlobalSign began providing digital authentication services to Belgium ten years ago when digital authentication companies were first beginning to appear. Customers include a number of Belgian government agencies and the GlobalSign Certificate Authority operates many prestigious government projects such as eID*(BELPIC). We are recognized as the Belgian Government Certificate Authority. GlobalSign became a member of the GMO Internet Group in 2006 and is expanding sales of government-level security Japan and worldwide.

A citizen ID card. This is the first stage of the e-government project in Belgium. The ID card containing a digital certificate is distributed to all Belgian citizens over the age of 12.
Performance: (cumulative figures)
  • Over 100,000 SSL Server Certificates issued
  • Over1.4 million digital certificates (for web sites, IC Cards etc. including Digital IDs) issued
  • Over 20 million certificates worldwide rely on the public trust provided by the GlobalSign root (including issues by subordinate CAs)
  • We supply many government agencies, the Belgian government and major corporations.
  • The first certificate authority in Europe to obtain WebTrust accreditation
  • CABF (CA/Browser Forum) member
    In Japan GlobalSign (formerly GeoTrust JAPAN) participates as JCAF (Japan Certification Authority Forum)
  • Anti-Phishing Working Group member
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