We operate under the philosophy of “We Change Experience with IT” expanding our business through the “Cloud Infrastructure Segment,” “Digital Certificate and eSignature Segment,” and “Digital Transformation (DX) Segment”. We provide IT services to convey new experiential value to everyone.

Among these, in our “Digital Certificate and eSignature Segment,” the trust services we are offering through our GlobalSign brand, which operates one of the world’s leading top-tier certification authorities, have significantly enhanced their global recognition and reputation. Recently, trust services for electronic documents, such as electronic signatures and electronic contracts, have been expanding in the market, and we are beginning to see the results of our investments in this area steadily.

Additionally, the overseas proportions of sales and employees have been increasing year by year. We believe this trend will continue, leading to further brand recognition and business expansion globally like our company’s name.

Moving forward, we will aim to enhance corporate value by generating synergy across the entire organization, including our group companies, with trust services as the core. We kindly ask you to continue to follow our activities closely and extend your valuable guidance and support.

GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.
President & CEO
GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K. Chief Executive Officer