GMO CLOUD renamed to “GMO GlobalSign Holdings”

Our company aims to provide a new experiential value across the globe, focusing on growing trust services.

Under the theme “Change things with IT,” our company has been engaging in cloud hosting business, security business, and solution business to provide all people with a new experiential value through IT services.

Under such circumstances, in the security business, our trust services, which have been offered through the GlobalSign brand that runs the world’s major, top-ranked electronic certification authority, are gaining publicity and recognition globally. Recently, while the market of trust services for electronic documents, such as e-signature and e-contract, are expanding, our investment is starting to pay off steadily. Moreover, the sales ratio of our overseas businesses and the partner ratio have been rising year by year, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Against this background, we have changed our company name to GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K. to enhance brand awareness and expand our businesses on the global stage.

From now on, we will work together as one to create synergy and further increase our corporate value by centering on trust services.

We would appreciate it if you could provide us with your continuous guidance and encouragement as well as pay attention to our next moves.

Chief Executive Officer
GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.
GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K. Chief Executive Officer