• 2017-01-04

GMO Cloud Obtains Exclusive Rights to Use the Marmalade SDK, Which Supports Both Native and Hybrid Browser-Based Apps, Accelerating the Development of New Features and Supporting Game and App Development

 GMO Cloud K.K. (President and CEO: Mitsuru Aoyama, "GMO Cloud"), a member of the GMO Internet Group, was granted the exclusive rights to use the Marmalade software development kit (SDK) by Marmalade Technologies Ltd (Headquarters: London, UK, "Marmalade Technologies") on November 24, 2016. The Marmalade SDK features cross platform*1 support.
 This license will allow GMO Cloud to accelerate the development of and the ability to offer new features for the Marmalade SDK. GMO Cloud wants to increase its ability to support the development of games and apps in both Japan and abroad in order to expand and enhance sales and support throughout the world.

 *1The term "cross platform" refers to a program (software) that runs with the same specifications on multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android.
About the Transfer of Exclusive Usage Rights for Marmalade
 In recent years, various types of mobile devices have become widespread. Because of this development, app operating (mobile) platforms, notably Android and iOS, have been diversifying. Because each platform requires separate programming to develop games and apps, there have been calls to employ tools that enable the support of various platforms even when compiling*2 from a single set of source code, which would reduce the extraneous amount of work for developers.
 To help meet these needs, GMO Cloud obtained a license to resell the cross platform SDK "Marmalade," which enables the development of games and apps compiled from a single source code. They released the SDK on July 1, 2015 and currently offer it to game developers in Japan.
 "We are very excited about GMO managing the development and distribution of the Marmalade SDK to enable our customers to continue building compelling content with the high performance and flexible C++ framework that the Marmalade SDK delivers" said Bruce Beckloff chairman and CEO Marmalade Technologies Ltd
 GMO Cloud believes that by performing everything from development to provision of the SDK that it had previously only sold, it will be able to further stimulate the development of games and apps in Japan and around the world. The company has thus been transferred exclusive rights to use Marmalade from Marmalade Technologies. In addition to selling it in the Japanese and overseas markets, GMO Cloud will develop new features for this tool that will make developers' lives easier. The company will also enhance the sales and support that it offers in Japan and elsewhere to make Marmalade a more popular SDK, continuing to support the evolution of the game and app development market.

*2 Compiling refers to analyzing computer programs (source codes) written in programming languages and converting them into directly executable programs (object codes) on multiple platforms.
About Marmalade: (URL: http://madewithmarmalade.jp)

 Marmalade is a fast and reliable cross platform SDK that supports a variety of platforms, including native apps that run on operating systems such as iOS and Android, as well as browser-based apps. Apps with a single source code can be ported easily to mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. This significantly reduces the time and work required for development and is the reason that the SDK is used by a large number of developers throughout 151 countries.
 Since Marmalade was created using the open standard programming language C++, game developers can work in a familiar environment. An additional benefit is that assets previously coded in C++ can be reused.
 Furthermore, the SDK meets the needs of an array of development projects by supporting the use of Objective-C, a programming language used in the creation of iOS apps, Lua, a lightweight and fast scripting language that is well suited to use in tandem with C++, and HTML5, which is used to develop web applications.

Japanese Support:
• Marmalade Japanese Site URL: http://madewithmarmalade.jp
• Inquiries: info@madewithmarmalade.jp

About GMO Cloud K.K.
  Since commencing services in 1996, GMO Cloud K.K. has built a proven track record as a hosting service provider by operating servers for more than 130,000 corporate customers and over 6,500 distributors within Japan. In February 2011, it launched the cloud solution "GMO Cloud," signaling a full-scale entrance into the cloud services business. Since then, the company has developed services centered on its cloud business, offering them both domestically and abroad, and delivering optimal IT infrastructure to numerous global companies and other corporate clients. Since 2007, it has offered the electronic authentication service "GlobalSign" worldwide, primarily through the consolidated company GMO GlobalSign K.K., from locations in Belgium, the UK, the US, China, Singapore, the Philippines, India, and Russia.

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