• 2012-07-04

GlobalSign Certificate Authority Brand Achieves Highest Net Growth in Japan (SSL Market for First Half of 2012)

Tokyo – July 4, 2012 – GMO Internet Group company and digital certificate specialist, GlobalSign K.K. today announces that data released by NetCraft in July 2, 2012, shows that GlobalSign was the fasted growing Certificate Authority Brand in Japan in the first 6 months of 2012.
*Source: Calculated based on “Certificate authority brands over time” data released by NetCraft in July 2012 (NetCraft SSL Survey URL: http://news.netcraft.com/ssl-survey/).
Since GlobalSign was first launched in the Japan market in 2007, the company has strived to contribute to a safer Internet through the provision of secure and easy-to-use services and has maintained an outstanding reputation among users. GlobalSign continuously works to meet the needs of customers by introducing services and features including auto SSL provisioning and monthly billing (OneClick SSL), smartphone compatibility*, and free additional licenses. GlobalSign believes these measures propelled the brand to both capture the number one share of the Japanese market in the months of May and June, and to achieve the highest net growth in the first six months of 2012.
*All Android and iOS devices released between 10/2006 – 12/2011 by NTT docomo, au and Softbank
About GMO GlobalSign
Established in 1996 and as a WebTrust accredited public certificate authority, GlobalSign offers publicly trusted SSL Certificates, EV SSL, Managed SSL Services, S/MIME email security and Code Signing for use on all platforms including mobile devices. Its Trusted Root solution uses the widely embedded GlobalSign Root CA certificates to provide immediate PKI trust for Microsoft Certificate Services and internal PKI, eliminating the costs of using untrusted Root Certificates. Its partnership with Adobe to provide Certified Document Services (CDS) enables secure digitally signed PDF documents, certified transcripts and e-invoices. These core Digital Certificate solutions allow its thousands of authenticated customers to conduct secure online transactions, data transfer, distribution of tamper-proof code, and protection of online identities for secure email and access control. The company has a history of innovation within the online security industry and has offices in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, and China.
About GMO Internet Group
GMO Internet Group is one of the most comprehensive providers of industry-leading Internet services worldwide. As well as domain registration, web hosting, ecommerce, and payment processing businesses that each hold the top share in their respective markets in Japan, services operated by the group include Internet advertising, search engine marketing and research. Global online security brand GlobalSign and major Japanese online securities brokerage, GMO CLICK Securities are also group members. In 2011 a new Social Media & Smartphone Platform segment was established bringing together group initiatives in social apps development, flash marketing and Android apps distribution. GMO Internet, Inc. (TSE: 9449) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
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GlobalSign K.K.
Company Name GlobalSign K.K. http://jp.globalsign.com/
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Ichiro Chujo
Business Description - Information security and digital authentication
Capital 356,640,000 yen
Company Name GMO CLOUD K.K.  http://ir.gmocloud.com/english/
(TSE Mothers Market: 3788)
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Mitsuru Aoyama
Business Description - Web hosting
- Internet security
Capital 910.07 million yen 
GMO Internet Inc.
Company Name GMO Internet Inc. http://www.gmo.jp/en
(TSE First Section Code: 9449)
Location Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description
- Web Infrastructure & E-commerce
- Internet Media
- Internet Securities – Social Media & Smartphone Platform
Capital 3 billion yen