• 2009-05-13

GMO Hosting & Security Launches Mobile Site Construction and Operation Solutions

Tokyo - May 13, 2009 - GMO Internet Group company, GMO Hosting & Security announces today the establishment of mobile site construction and operation enterprise solutions Managed Mobile Solutions, for iSLE managed hosting services. The first offering in this new line-up, MobileCube is launched today in partnership with Symmetric Co. Ltd.

Managed hosting: iSLE dedicated server with dedicated engineer for maintenance for hardware configuration and maintenance.
Managed Mobile Solutions

Internet usage from mobile devices is rapidly growing, and for this reason GMO-HS, iSLE is launching Managed Mobile Solutions, services that packages managed hosting services with mobile solutions. GMO-HS, iSLE plans to expand its line up of mobile solutions, and by the end of the year aims to offer services for large-scale mobile sites.


In recent years the reach of mobile websites has rapidly grown as mobile access to the Internet has become faster and cheaper and mobile devices have become more sophisticated. As a result the mobile content development industry now faces complex operation and management issues including the necessity to quickly be able to support languages and functionality that differ from carrier to carrier and from handset to handset, and to maintain the engineers required to operate servers.

GMO-HS, iSLE offers MobileCube, in partnership with Symmetric as part of its Managed Mobile Solutions aimed at responding to these issues. MobileCube is a new mobile solution that integrates iSLE managed hosting services with Symmetric mobile content conversion tool, “roundabout”.

Mobile Conversion Solutions, “roundabout” - Broad support for mobile devices

Roundabout is a mobile content conversion solution for mobile content development that enables content to be supported by different cell phone carriers and mobile devices.

The original mobile site or PC site is automatically converted and optimized for the language specifications and screen sizes of over 700 different handsets. This tool solves rich content and display problems caused by differing capacity restrictions and screen sizes.

In addition, mobile content conversion also makes possible to achieve the kind of intuitive interface common to PC sites using existing standard languages XHTML and CSS to create high quality mobile sites that effectively use extensive graphic content, and mobile sites featuring tab menus and clickable maps.

Server Operation and Maintenance

Daily surveillance, back up, security updates, first response to system trouble, and other tedious server operation and management tasks are handled by a dedicated iSLE server technician. MobileCube offers customers increased mobile content development efficiency and allows them to focus on core business.

Minimal Start-up Costs

Because roundabout is provided through iSLE, there is no need to purchase a server or install applications, the user pays only the set up fees (including license fees) and monthly fees, so start up costs are minimal.

MobileCube Service Plans

Two MobileCube services plans are available. The MobileCube Entry Plan offers the leading Intel® Core ™2 DUO Processor, while the MobileCube Standard plan comes with a higher speed CPU. In addition iSLE managed hosting services and dedicated hosting services are available as options.

Plan Name MobileCube Entry MobileCube Standard
CPU Intel® Core™2 DUO Processor Intel® Quad Xeon®
Memory From 4GB
Hard Disk From 320GB From 500GB
OS Red hat Enterprise linux5
Administration Tools No Administration Tools
Managed Service Available
Licenses Roundabout 1OS License Installed
Set-up Fees (inc. tax) From 448,000 yen/ server From 498,000 yen/server
Monthly Fees (inc. tax) From 295,000yen /server From 335,000yen/server
Minimum contract is 12 months
Fees differ according to service specs.

Established in 2001, Symmetric has broad experience in mobile SI. With its extensive history if development, it has developed and launched mobile content conversion solutions MCAP, Durian, and Roundabout. The company continues to develop new mobile solutions, always with an eye on the advancement of the mobile market and mobile devices.Symmetric advances mobile systems development through SI systems that use the products we have developed.

GMO Hosting & Security

One of Japan's leading hosting providers, GMO Hosting & Security has been providing a diverse range of hosting services through the two brands iSLE and RapidSite since it was first established in 1997. While hosting services are the core of our business we also provide a range of Internet solution products such as electronic authentication certificates and hosting service OEM to ISP and web hosting companies. In November 2006 we received the ISMS (Information Security Management System) International Standard ISO/IEC27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006 Certification.

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MobileCube: http://managed.isle.jp/service/solution/mobilecube.html

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