• 2009-04-15

GMO Hosting & Security Introduces Total E-commerce Solution to iSLE Managed Hosting Service

Tokyo - April 15, 2009 - GMO Hosting & Security together with BRAIN WAVE announce that as of today, the BREAK WAVE total e-commerce solution (from system implementation through to management and distribution), “Hapilogi” is available on managed hosting services*1 provided by GMO-HS hosting brand, iSLE.

Managed hosting: iSLE dedicated server with dedicated engineer for maintenance for hardware configuration and maintenance.
About the Partnership

In addition the online store system construction provided by existing e-commerce services, the BRAIN WAVE e-commerce solution, Hapilog offers a seamless service from product purchase through to stock management and distribution.

As a result of the partnership, Hapilogi is now offered on managed hosting services by GMO-HS hosting brand, iSLE. iSLE offers a stable server environment that minimizes damage caused to e-commerce business by server downtime.

Hapilogi System Structure

The Hapilogi system comprises three components, Online Store, Automatic Shipping Information Management System (A.S.I.M.S), and Distribution. A.S.I.M.S automates shipping and handling operations, and makes it possible to consolidate online operations with bricks and mortar stores.

Distribution is provided by Fuji Logitech Inc.
1. Online Store

Logitec software is used for online store construction and product management. It functions as the entry point for products purchases. It is also possible to use the Hapilogi service Online Store function by using A.S.I.M.S to connect with other e-commerce systems.

2. A.S.I.M.S

Links the Online Store function with the Distribution function. Converts data and codes and controls delivery management.

3. Distribution

Manages product distribution for customers with service contracts. This function automates picking, packing, and delivery.

Hapilogi Service Fees (Tax Inclusive)

To customers making over 600 deliveries per month, we offer free licenses for A.S.I.M.S and Logiec*2, the basic tools required to build and operate an online store. Pay only server operation fees, storage fees, and delivery charges.

Logiec customization available (separate charges apply)
Server Management Fees

Online Store server management fees start at 52,500 yen per month.

Storage Space Fees

5,040 yen per tsubo (1 tsubo is equal to 3.31 square metres)

Distribution Fees

From 525 yen per delivery

Example: Storage Space and Distribution Charges

Use of 80 tsubo of storage space and sales of over 600 items per month using Hapilogi

Distribution details: 300 packages containing 1 item, 200 packages containing 2 items, 100 packages containing 3 items.
Additional charge of 525 yen per packages of up to 2 items, and 157 yen for each additional item.

  • Storage Space Costs: 5,040 yen per tsubo X 80 tsubo = 403,200 yen
  • Distribution Fees: 330,700 yen

1 item delivery:  300 X 525 yen = 157,500 yen
2 item delivery: 200 X 525 yen = 105,000 yen
3 item delivery: 100 X (525 yen + 157 yen) = 68,200 yen

Total monthly cost: 403,200 yen + 330,700 yen = 733,900 yen

GMO Hosting & Security

One of Japan's leading hosting providers, GMO Hosting & Security has been providing a diverse range of hosting services through the two brands iSLE and RapidSite since it was first established in 1997. While hosting services are the core of our business we also provide a range of Internet solution products such as electronic authentication certificates and hosting service OEM to ISP and web hosting companies. In November 2006 we received the ISMS (Information Security Management System) International Standard ISO/IEC27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006 Certification.


Established in 1996, BRAIN WAVE began developing and providing PHP web applications early on. In 2006 the company used its expertise to develop original PHP template engine, OPTIMA. The widely-used, ground breaking template engine makes it possible to separate programming and design.

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