• 2008-10-29

GMO Hosting & Security Launches HDD Wipe Certification Service for iSLE Dedicated Hosting Service

Tokyo – October 29, 2008 – GMO Hosting & Security hosting brand iSLE, today launches HDD Wipe Certification Service. The new service certifies that customer data has been completely wiped from hard disk drives (HDDs) after use in iSLE dedicated hosting services.
GMO Hosting & Security is a GMO Internet Group company.

In recent years interest in business security has grown and many companies have implemented ISMS (Information Security Management System) concepts. Companies are carefully managing information assets in line with information security standards proscribed by independent organizations or internally developed security policies. Many companies outsource functions to hosting providers and these data management trends are also evident in their use of dedicated servers. We are seeing more and more instances of customers being required by company security policy to obtain a certificate stating that data has been erased from an HDD at the end of its period of use.
GMO Hosting & Security receives many requests from customers for certification of data removal. The new HDD Wipe Certification Service enables us to respond to our customersf data security needs.

HDD Wipe Certification Service
When a customer finishes with a hosting service server at iSLE we completely erase all data from the hard drive. Our new HDD Wipe Certification Service provides iSLE dedicated hosting service users with written certification that this process was carried out. Many corporate security policies now require this certification. HDD Wipe Certification Service fulfills that requirement as well as giving our customers peace of mind.
* Service Fee (inc. tax): 31,500 yen / 2 HDD
GMO Hosting & Security
One of Japan's leading hosting providers, GMO Hosting & Security has been providing a diverse range of hosting services through the two brands iSLE and RapidSite since it was first established in 1997. While hosting services are the core of our business we also provide a range of Internet solution products such as electronic authentication certificates and hosting service OEM to ISP and web hosting companies. In November 2006 we received the ISMS (Information Security Management System) International Standard ISO/IEC27001:2005 and JIS Q 27001:2006 Certification.

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The GMO Internet Group
The GMO Internet Group is a leading force in the Internet industry offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Internet services in Japan. We hold top domestic market shares in domain registration, web hosting and payment processing and we provide a host of other services including e-commerce solutions and Internet advertising to individual and corporate customers. Striving to redefine the industry and foster a vibrant Internet culture, the GMO Internet Group is continuously working to inspire enthusiasm in our customers and put smiles on their faces.

GMO Hosting & Security INC.
Company Name GMO Hosting & Security INC.<http://www.gmo-hs.com/eng/>
(TSE Mothers Market Code: 3788)
Address Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Mitsuru Aoyama
Business Description - Web hosting service
- Internet security
Capital 906,050,000 YEN (12/2007)

GMO Internet Inc.
Company Name GMO Internet Inc.<http://www.gmo.jp/en>
(TSE First Section Code: 9449)
Address Cerulean Tower, 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
CEO Masatoshi Kumagai
Business Description - Internet Use Support (Infrastructure)
- Internet Advertising Support (Media)
Capital 1,276,830,000 YEN
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