The number of IoT devices in the world is expected to reach 30 billion in 2020. (*)

Also, in Japan, the Government of Japan indicated its medium-and long-term growth policy by adopting innovation utilizing AI and IoT in the "Future Investment Strategy 2017."

Even today, although various kinds of innovation occur in our daily life and social activities, I believe that this trend will further accelerate and the chance to encounter "things for the first time" which people have previously never experienced will further increase in the future.

In our group, reading the trend of the times in this way, we expressed our mission and principle since its founding once again through the phrase, "Innovate things by IT" in 2017.


Furthermore, setting "One & 1st" as the image we aim for, uniting and creating synergy, we set our determination to pursue "things for the first time" in Japan and the world.

In our business, we will focus on the IoT business, especially the provision of IoT platform dealing with data management and storing and "communications security."

In addition, regarding the organization structure, we acknowledge once again that "people" will make our business grow, and I have become the Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) of our group so that each one of our employees can achieve the highest performance.

Our group will continue to unite and carry out our business in the future. Therefore, we request that you continue to take note of the activities of our group and provide us with further support in the future.

(*) Source: MIC "2017 WHITE PAPER Information and Communications in Japan"

Mitsuru Aoyama

Chief Executive Officer
GMO GlobalSign Holdings K.K.